The 2018-2019 Vermont SCORE Educational Series is all about small business growth!

We are moving beyond the startup and looking at growth potential for your business, including analysis, evaluation, questions to ask, tools you can use, and so much more!

Dec-2018: How to Identify and Evaluate Business Growth Opportunities

Business is growing and you're thinking about how to intelligently keep the growth pattern going. In this session, get advice and analytical tools to assist you to identify the most attractive growth options for your business.

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Jan-2019: My Business is Growing: Am I Ready to Manage It Effectively?

Are HR, accounting, IT systems and operations ready to roll? This session will provide you with important information to make that determination.

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Feb-2019: Marketing for Growth: Are my Marketing Strategies Scalable?

Don’t waste valuable time on bad marketing ideas. This session will help you analyze if your existing marketing channels still have good ROI, evaluate other marketing channels and create the strategies that will make the greatest impact.

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Mar-2019: Digital Marketing Strategies for Growth

Keeping track of up to date technologies and trends will set your business apart. In this session, learn how to create a digital marketing strategy for business growth, easy content marketing plans, and evaluate the ROI for your campaigns.

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Apr-2019: My Business is Ready to Grow: Where's the Money?

My analysis shows that I need funding. How and where can I get it? Although every business' situation is different, there are some tools and strategies for financing growth that apply to almost all cases.

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May-2019: Trials and Tribulations of Small Business Growth

In this true roundtable session, we will open the floor to an open discussion about small business growth.

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